First live birth after autologous testicular tissue grafting in rhesus macaques

Fertility preservation in young people before gonadotoxic therapies (for cancer or other diseases) is nowadays one of the most challenging issues in reproductive biology. However, interesting breakthroughs are bringing it closer to reality. As we commented in our last post, Dr. Goossens’ group achieved complete spermatogenesis in intratesticular testis tissue Read more…

Complete spermatogenesis in intratesticular testis tissue xenotransplants from immature non-human primate

Boys receiving gonadotoxic treatment (e.g. chemo- or radiotherapy) before puberty face the possibility of being infertile when they reach adulthood due to the loss of germ cells. As mature spermatozoa are not present, the only fertility preservation strategy currently offered involves the cryopreservation of immature testis tissue (ITT) containing spermatogonial Read more…

Tête-à-tête with Frédéric Chalmel

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Please find our first part of the autumn newsletter – an interview with Dr. Frederic Chalmel.

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