NYRA revamps the newsletter communication system and membership policy

If you want to continue enjoying the benefits of NYRA membership, this information is essential for you!
We are improving our communication system to reach you in an official, more secure, and interactive way. We have decided to stop addressing you through our classic internal newsletter emails and use MailChimp as our new newsletter communication platform

We are also taking this opportunity to update our members’ database and remove the inactive accounts. Your inclusion on the MailChimp list is not automatic, so to renew your membership go to our homepage. By filling the “Become a member” fields, you will confirm that you want to renew your NYRA membership and also subscribe to our newsletter.

From this point on, you will be asked to renew your membership once a year to ensure that you are an active member. This new approach will allow us to track the young researchers that are part of our community, to better fit your needs.

But the rest remains the same! BEING PART OF NYRA IS STILL FREE! You will be able to attend our annual meetings at members’ rate, to receive travel grants for NYRA meetings, and to participate in NYRA satellite sessions at other meetings (i.e. at the European Congress of Andrology – ECA). You will be updated with our latest news and will receive our newsletter, including news from NYRA, press highlights, tête-a-tête with researchers in the reproductive field, vacant positions advertisements, and more. We also cover your yearly membership fee for the International Society of Andrology (ISA).

In short, advantages of being a NYRA member:
Is free
Attend NYRA meetings at member’s rate
Receive travel grants for NYRA meetings
Participate in NYRA satellite sessions
Receive our newsletter
Includes a free membership of ISA
The NYRA Board looks forward to your member renewal and welcomes new members!