Session at the 8th ECA, Barcelona 2014

Session of the INYRMF held during the 8th European Congress of Andrology, Barcelona, Spain

Dear young researcher,

A satellite session entirely dedicated to the INYRMF was held on 17th October 2014 during the 8th European Congress of Andrology (ECA) in Barcelona, Spain. This year, Chiara Chianese and Judit Castillo were representing the INYRMF board and chairing our session, which was filled with interesting presentations and fruitful discussions.

As in our previous ECA satellite meetings, our session consisted of four selected oral presentations preceded by the talk of a senior scientist. The first talk was held by a pillar of the INYRMF, Dr. Frank Tüttelmann (Münster, Germany) who delivered an excellent overview on the application of pharmacogenetics in male infertility, illustrating the possibility of providing a personalised FSH-treatment for oligozoospermic patients carrying unfavourable variants in the FSHB and FSHR genes. This was followed by the four selected oral communications, all awarded with the EAA/INYRMF grant. First, Frédéric Chalmel (Rennes, France) presented an outstanding genome-wide analysis of the transcriptome of human testicular cells during spermatogenesis. Following, Carla Paiva (Coimbra, Portugal) gave a fascinating talk about the evaluation of human semen samples with different sperm motility using a novel high-throughput quantitatively proteomic approach. Then, Carolina Mondillo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) illustrated an interesting study on the expression and function of the H4 receptors in Leydig Cells and their possible implication in human Leydig tumor cells. The last talk was given by Sudhanshu Bhushan (Giessen, Germany) who talked about the differential activation of inflammatory pathways in testicular macrophages.

Our session was attended by an abundant audience, which demonstrated great interest by asking questions and participating in interactive discussions with the invited speakers.

The next independent meeting in Florence (Italy), which will be held on 14th-16th May, 2015, was announced at the closing of our session.