ANDRONET, the biggest running European network in andrology, aims to increase research collaboration, education, and public awareness in male reproductive health.

It was born within a social context of worst reproductive outcomes, tightly related with the male factor, in which establishing strong connections between clinicians and researchers is essential to tackle a problem with such heterogeneous etiology as is it is male infertility. The ANDRONET consortium initially includes centers comprising clinical and research expertise at a very high level, with the goal of growing during the following years for generating new knowledge. This will be achieved through multidisciplinary collaboration, data exchange, transference of knowledge to countries in which andrology research is less developed, to improve education in andrology, and properly disseminate evidence-based male health problems and prevention to the general population.

The kick-off meeting took place online last October 2021 with the participation of the Management Committee and COST Officers, representing 27 countries with more than 50 attendees.

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