1st Meeting, 1-2 May 2008, Naantali, Finland


The first meeting of our network was held alongside the 15th ETW in Naantali, Finland in 2008 and mainly organized by Mirja Nurmio. After talks by Aida Wahlgren (Stockholm, Sweden) and Leena Strauss (Turku, Finland), the audience participated in a discussion session on topics related to the field of testis development and animal models useful for such studies. For the second session, Stefan Schlatt (Pittsburgh, USA at that time) and Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts (Copenhagen, Denmark) gave lectures on testicular stem cells and the pathology of the human testis. Both topics were discussed afterwards in a combined session chaired by Kirsi Jahnukainen (Helsinki, Finland) before this meeting ended and the 15th European Testis Workshop started.


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