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American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2018

2018-10-06 – 2018-10-10 all-day

This year we welcome you to the wonderful city of Denver, Colorado, for the 74th annual meeting of the American Society forReproductive Medicine.

This year’s ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo theme is “Focus on the Next Generation.” As the theme implies, this Congress will focus on the outcomes of our treatments, highlight and promote the next generation of professionals in reproductive medicine,, and introduce us to new technologies and up and coming research. Dr. Anuja Dokras, Chair of the Scientific Congress Program Planning Committee, Dr. H. Irene Su, Chair of the Pre–Congress Program Committee and their teams have designed a comprehensive, provocative program for Congress attendees. The agenda ranges from the latest molecular and genetic technologies to advocacy for our patients and access to care. The program is designed to address the educational and practice needs of physicians, nurses, andrology and embryology laboratory personnel, genetic counselors, social workers, practice and laboratory managers, as well as practitioners in mental health, law, and ethics. Importantly, for the first time, and in order to forge a closer relationship with our sister society,, the Society for Study of Reproduction (SSSR)), a pre-congress course entitled The Germ Cell Environment and its impact on Gamete Quality and a Symposium entitledHallmark of the Aging Egg – More than Chromosomes and Mitochondria, have been incorporated into the program..


The Scientific Congress Continuing Medical Education (CCME)) course offerings will include plenary lectures,, symposia,, and interactive sessions,, all supporting the theme of the Congress.. Historical perspectives will be again presented,, as well as innovative lectures on therapeutic editing of the human embryo,, politics and ethics in ART,, newest research in contraception,, menopausal therapy,, and the basic science of spermatogenesis and embryo development. Speakers also will address fertility preservation for the cancer patient, transgender care, and provide perspectives on clinical research, the funding of research, and challenge the Fertility and Sterility experts.

The interactive sessions are designed to energize and stimulate discussion and interaction among participants, as they focus on a wide range of controversial topics. CME sessions will be complemented by non-CCME activities including intimate, in-depth luncheons with recognized experts in our highly successful Expert Encounters; roundtable luncheons covering the breadth and depth of reproductive medicine; and oral and poster–format scientific abstract presentations, representing cutting-edge research in reproductive medicine and biology. Symposia will include those organized and presented by our international sister societies. The Pre–CCongress Program Committee collaborated with our affiliated societies and professional and special interest groups to present a wide range of Pre–CCongress courses designed to meet the needs of clinicians, scientists, laboratory technologists, nurses, and other healthcare and allied professionals. We welcome our members, trainees, and colleagues from around the world to the ASRM 2018 Scientific Congress & Expo!! We value your participation and engagement and hope you will take advantage of the opportunities provided by the meeting to interact and network with colleagues.

I look forward to seeing you in the exciting city of Denver, where together, we will be “Focusing on the Next Generation”.


Christos Coutifaris, M.D., Ph.D.

ASRM President, 2017-2018


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