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20th European Testis Workshop

2018-05-23 @ 16 h 00 min – 2018-05-27 @ 12 h 10 min
Praia D'El Rey Marriott Golf & Beach Resort
Avenida D. Inês de Castro n°1 - Vale de Janelas
2510-451 Portugal

Dear Testis Enthusiasts,

Welcome you to the 20th European Testis Workshop (European Workshop on the Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology of the Testis), this time in Portugal!

The first time we attended this very particular meeting, we said to ourselves that one day it would be our turn to organize it. The time is now, and we are both grateful and proud to be part of an outstanding community.

Since the first edition in 1980 the ETW has established unique features/traditions that we will strive to maintain.

To start we have chosen an intimate venue and pleasant hotel to provide all researchers an excellent environment to talk about science and socialize in a relaxed context. In fact, this meeting has, throughout the years, contributed to several successful collaborations and friendships worldwide.

Additionally, participant data presentation is made through mini-posters (no poster tubes required!) that will be further presented in rapid-fire sessions throughout the meeting. This way, all participants, from students to PIs, can share, discuss, exchange ideas, get important insights from researchers with different expertise. This discussion is not exclusive to the presentation time, and you should feel free to do it during coffee breaks or during lunch/dinner time, while enjoying Portuguese gastronomy!

Our scientific programme will be also enriched with invited talks by scientists that we believe that made important contributions in the reproductive field and which knowledge might be shared. Our scientific committee is working hard to offer you the best cutting-edge topics in the field! From basic to translational, to clinic. From germline to soma. From molecule, to cell, to development, to physiology, to systems.  From epidemiology to genetics and epigenetics, from endocrinology to environment to cancer. From the established to the weird. We will try to cover all the bases!

However, as scientists also deserve to have fun, and not everything is about work, we planned a visit to the beautiful historical medieval city of Óbidos.

Furthermore, a Big Band Orchestra will liven the Gala Dinner. Here we won’t forget another big tradition, with teams from different countries presenting a “testis-related” song, sketch, (tasteful!) jokes, or maybe a game involving the participants. We are looking forward to both your Science, and performances!

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many people, and we will give them all credit in due course.

Welcome to Portugal for what will be a Great Meeting!

Come join the ETW family!

The Local Organizing Committee:

João Ramalho-Santos, Teresa Almeida Santos, Sandra Amaral, Paula Mota, Renata Tavares, Ana Sofia Rodrigues, Ana Paula Sousa, Alexandra Amaral, Andreia Silva, Inês Sousa, Sara Rebelo, Alexandra Carvalho e Bibiana Correia

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